CHL Select Offset Package

The Select Offset Package allows you to fast track your debt reduction in 3 easy steps.

How? Simply combine the Offset loan with our low rate Select Visa card.

Step 1
Put your salary, or any other money you have coming your way, into your offset account.

Step 2
Pay for your expenses on credit (i.e. select ‘credit’ when you use your Select Visa card.)

Step 3
Once set up, each month an automatic Visa Balance Sweep will take money from your offset account to pay your Select Visa credit account, in full, by the due date. Just make sure you have money to cover your payment in your offset account!

How does the Select Offset Package work?

Taking advantage of your Select credit card interest free period in this way lets you keep your own money in your offset account for longer. That means you could be charged less interest and may pay off your loan sooner. Your Select Visa card also offers easy access to the funds in your offset account. When you need cash, just select ‘savings.’

CHL Select Visa

Visa is the perfect partner for you 100% offset account because it can help you pay off your debt even faster with up to 55 days interest free.